Conservation & Design International
Ewa Chrusciel
Painting Conservation

"Following up on the strong promise of STRATA, Ewa Chrusciel returns with an impressive new volume that confirms her place as one of the most compelling and intellectually stimulating new poets."

— Kazim Ali

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"The book is written by an immigrant, and that immigrant is the human being. All is a source of wonder and horror to this species. It is looking everywhere for clues as to what borders are--what they are for, what happens when one breaches them, who does one become when one adopts the mannerisms, the habits, the intelligence of one's hosts. What is the host.

— Jorie Graham

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But,among us there is a hoopoe
who dictates his letters to the
Mahmoud Darwish, "The Hoopoe"


2022: Upcoming & Recent

AWP with
Karen Kovacik,
Vievee Francis,
Maudelle Driskell


Cleopatra Mathis, Ewa Chrusciel

(Virtual Bookstock April 2021)


Antidote Books


Poets House, NYC

NH Humanities
Gala Dinner

La Traccia High School
Calcinate BG,Italy

Genova Festival of Poetry
Genova, Italy

Colibri Bookstore
Milan, Italy

Rome, Italy

Enoteca Letteraria
Rome, Italy

Center for Contemporary Poetry
Bologna University

Bologna, Italy

Festival of Social Literature
Florence, Italy

Literary Coffee House
Le Murate, Florence, Italy


Poets House
Omnidawn Reading

Proctor Academy
Andover, NH

St Paul’s Academy
Concord, NH

Harvard University
School of Divinity

MIT/Boston Opera

University of Cairo

Jerusalem, Israel


St. Johnsbury Athenaeum
St. Johnsbury, VT

Norwich Bookstore
Norwich, VT

Water Street Bookstore
Portsmouth, NH

Moe’s Bookstore
Berkeley, CA


Poet’s House

Marine Poetry Center
San Rafael, CA

Miłosz Festival

The Creative Writing Conference
Dom Literatury, Łódź

Biblioteka Norwida
[Norwid’s Library]

Zielona Góra

(Association of Polish Poets)

Kraków, Grodzka St. 9

Brooklyn Rail
Reading with Karen Kovacik

Woodstock Library
Reading with Carol Westberg

Woodstock, VT

Prayer, Contraband of Hoopoe

I take a hoopoe, Contraband of Hoopoe, Omnidawn